Available through: Rotofugi Gallery



Valentina Zummo

" Home is where the

ghost is."

Acrylic on wood


 Size - closed - 9x6 inch
          open - 12x9 inch


Goto Atsuko

"Sky burial"

(in japanese: "蝶葬" pronounced: "chôsô" )


cotton, glue, pigments, arabic gum, japanese ink, lapis lazuli


20x13 inch

Selena Leardini



acrylic on cardboard


9.8x7.5 inch




Natalie Shau

"Lovely Bones"

unique edition
medium: digital

size:30 x40 cm


Paolo Pedroni

 "Black Bite"


Oil on canvas pannel


7.88x9.85 inch.


Matt Dangler

 "The Wicked Wiggler"


Oil on Board


15" x 9"



Julie Filipenko


acrylic and watercolor on 300gm paper

12" x 10" (including frame)


Leila Ataya



graphite on paper


19,6x15,7 inch




Marco Tarascio

 Moby Dick

 "Dog-Machine 001"


mixed media


 8,2 x 11,7 inch






Pencil on paper


19,7 x 27,6 inch



Heather Nevay

 "Mad Hatter"


pencil on acid free board


4x3 inch




Pencil on paper


8x7 inch
18x10 inch framed

$ 720

Virginia Mori

 "Bubble Eyes"


bic pen on paper

5,1 x 6,7 inch



Ryan Myers

 "Edward D. Wood Jr."


graphite on paper

11x14 inch



Roby Dwi Antono

 "Lulled By Lullaby"


pencil on paper


19,7x27,6 inch


Mark Kostabi


"Study For a Brush With Madness"

14 x 17 inch

pencil on paper



Eric Lacombe


acrylic on canvas

14.2x18.9 inch


Dean McDowell

 "Pieces Of Me"


acrylic on canvas


8x10 inch


 Susanne Apgar

 "Delights Of The Flora On Your Flesh"


oil on wood

24 x 18 x 2 inch



Ixie Darkonn


•"I Can Hold A Bubble"

 pen on paper



•"I Am Secretly Free"

acrylic on wood



Valency Genis


wood, metal, epoxy clay, acrylic, oil



18x9x12 inch


• "Flou"

16x9x12 inch



Kristian Adam

 "Madame McAllister and The Twin Sippers"

11x14 inch

pencil and ink on board


Aaron Jasinski

"From The Below - Dug Up"


11x14 inch

acrylic on panel



Aunia Kahn

"Hollowed Wish"

5x7 inch

graphite on Fabriano paper


Chris Mars

"No Apparent Head"


15x15 inch


Megz Majewski


acrylic on wood

4x6 inch


Domenico Scalisi


"Creator Of Nightmare"


Polymer clay


11.5 x 7.9 inch

June Leeloo


"Corvus Corax ou les corbeaux" 


9x12 inches

indian ink on Arches watercolour hot pressed paper






Scissors Collector"


9x11 inch

graphite and coloured pencils on Bristol board





Jel Ena



graphite, acrylic, pastel on Fabriano paper 300 lb / 640 grms


Marco Mazzoni

"I Don't Want My Dog Dead"

pen on moleskine paper

5,5 x 7 inch


Yoko d'Holbachie

"Kiss Of Butterfly"

9,5 x 12 inch

acrylic on coated board


Alessia Iannetti


‘“Lux & Beatrix”


graphite on paper


5.12 inch diameter



Tasha Zimich


Deth Becomes You

"A Sublime Trauma Of An Improbable Dreamer"

Latex, canvas, resin, wood, acrylic paint & ink

12 inch


Mark Elliott


"The Seeker"


acrylic on amberboard